Hard part is over. Use Ascertify to prove your accomplishments with ease.

We offer secure solutions to request, issue, and verify academic credentials

About Ascertify

Securely request, issue, and present your academic credentials

Ascertify is a digital credentials management system as a Decentralized Application (DApp) on the Algorand blockchain platform. This DApp is built using the Self-Sovereign identity model, conforming with the W3C Decentralized Identity (DID) standard and the W3C Verifiable Credentials (VC) standard.


Digi Briefcase (Coming Soon)

Android App to create an identity, securely request, receive and store your credentials

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Through our web app, users can securely request, issue and present their academic credentials

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Organization representatives can recieve, process and send academic credentials to digi-briefcase of students

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Sai Medury


Lalith Medury



Announcing Ourselves

Announcing the launch of Ascertify suite of services to meet all your user-identity management needs. The highly decentralized and privacy-enhanced Digi-Briefcase wallet provides your customers absolute control over their identity. And the dashboard interface assists your agents to reliably connect with your users and securely issue credentials straight to your customers’ wallets.

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